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Athlete Empowerment at Its Finest


We are a complete NIL solution company. We are the middle man on NIL. Our software allows Universities to stay in the know on all NIL deals happening with their Student-Athletes while creating policies, systems, and unified structure for all collectives serving the University’s Student- Athletes.




We always deliver results that exceed our clients' expectations, and we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. We believe in providing an all-in-one dependable and fast-customizable solution for an ever-changing NIL world. Our solutions are designed to make NIL easier, more trackable, and more transparent.


Transparency & Alignment

We are committed to providing complete solutions that will help create transparency and alignment from University to Collectives.

Tracked Compliance

Always be in the know! See any NIL Deal and its deliverables, status, contract details all in one place with year-end, monthly, and weekly reporting capabilities.

NIL Expertise

We were founded by individuals who have been at the forefront of NIL since its conception, played D1 to Professional sports, and who have been successful Influencers. We are committed to providing NIL guidance and solutions on all sides of the spectrum.

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Our Operations Solutions for a University's Compliance Department uses a user friendly interface with at your finger-tips information on all NIL deals being done with the University' student-athletes. We become your middle man. We handle approvals, tracking, communication and reporting.


Our transparent all-in-one system, gives a peace of mind to NIL's ever changing landscape by knowing all deals are being executed and completed with proof.

  • Dedicated Account Manager ⭐️

  • See all Collectives in 1 place ⭐️

  • Approve NIL Contracts

  • Track the completion of NIL Deliverables per deals

  • Keep Athletes in good standings

  • Year-End, Monthly, or Weekly reports automatically from all Collectives ⭐️

  • Mass communication with all Collectives

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NIL Collective Operations Solutions with Player Portals is Our cutting-edge CRM-powered NIL management platform. Our user-friendly Player Portals take empowerment for the Athletes to a whole new level. Your athletes gains easy access to essential tools, to take more control of their NIL journey.

Our transparent Contribution Portals, gives a peace of mind to how the contribution is being distributed, resulting in bigger contributions!

  • Dedicated Account Manager ⭐️

  • Tracking NIL deliverable responsibilities ⭐️

  • Content Creation for NIL deliverables

  • Proof of NIL deliverables ⭐️

  • Player Accounting / Payments ⭐️

  • Withholding taxes / sending out tax forms ⭐️

  • Financial Reports ⭐️

  • Customized Player Portal Interface ⭐️

  • Customized Contributor Portal Interface ⭐️

  • Seamless Back-end Streamline

  • Transparent Management

  • Social Media service

  • Content Creation

Take charge of NIL


The Contributor Portal is a game changer for us. We have the highest form of confidence from our contributors, because of the Collective Impact Tech system.

Alex Cantrill, Member
The W1974 Collective

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